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Only minutes from the city on NEW 4 lane highway

Clavet School is K-12 and only 2km away from your home


Have horses? 5-9 acre lots let you have 2 horses, 10+ acre lots let you have 4

Minutes from the NEW Costco

Fully serviced Lots

Welcome to acreage living at it’s finest, where you can enjoy all the natural landscaping and habitat that our land lots have to offer without sacrificing the convenience of the city. However, Country Hills will feel like you are miles away as the serenity and summer silence will be present every day and night. Always close to all the amenities of city life, with a great school, groceries, retail, gas and convenience, minus the traffic jams. Whether you are just starting out or looking to retire…The time is now to make this place your home. Lots start as low as $94,900, so please contact Darren 306-227-0606 or Jonathan 306-222-4432 to view.

DS Family, June 2017

My wife and I purchased a lot at Country Hills Estates and we hired a builder to construct our new house. Our family loves living at CHE as it is so peaceful, quiet and close to nature. The evening sunsets are amazing.


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Lot #34 – $129,900
Lot #35 – $119,900
Lot #36 – $119,900
Lot #37 – $119,900
Lot #38 – $122,900
Lot #39 – $122,900
Lot #40 – $99,900


There are no restrictions as to who is permitted to build. If you require a referral for a reputable builder, please contact the developer.

Design Standards

All building is to comply with the current RM of Blucher District Zoning Bylaws as may be amended from time to time. Prior to commencement of any construction for housing or outbuildings, the owner shall obtain the required building permit from the RM of Blucher.

PERMIT – The developer shall provide written approval to the purchaser of purchaser’s builder prior to the building permit being applied for. Prior to construction for housing, outbuildings or construction of fencing APPROVAL FROM THE DEVELOPER IS REQUIRED.

SIZE – The minimum size for housing is: 1300 square foot bungalow and 1800 square foot 2 story or such other design as may be approved by the developer. The outbuildings’ permitted sizes are dictated by the RM of Blucher bylaws.

FOUNDATION – Concrete or insulated block or such other foundation as APPROVED BY DEVELOPER permitted by the RM of Blucher.

ROOF PITCH-As approved by developer. Asphalt shingles, clay, metal, or such other as approved by the developer.

GARAGES – All houses constructed shall have a minimum of a 2 car garage.

EXTERIOR FINISHINGS – Housing shall be completed with exterior siding; hardie board, stucco, brick, stone, vinyl siding, or such other siding as APPROVED BY DEVELOPER. APPROVAL IS ALSO REQUIRED FROM THE DEVELOPER FOR THE EXTERIOR COLOR OF HOUSING AND ALL OUTBUILDINGS.

RTM HOUSING – “Ready to Move” housing is permitted and is subject to APPROVAL BY THE DEVELOPER.

SEWAGE – Septic Systems are required and as permitted by the RM of Blucher.

TIMELINES – Housing construction shall commence within 2 years of lot purchase and completion shall occur within 2 years of commencement.

LANDSCAPING AND DRIVEWAY – Each occupied house shall have basic landscaping and shall maintain a basic level of cleanliness. Each lot owner shall at his or her own expense, construct a driveway to the residence and each driveway shall be at minimum, gravel covered.

ANIMALS – Animals including large animals, ie. Horses are permitted as per the RM of Blucher bylaws. For large animals the current bylaw permits 2 animals for every 5 acres. Purchasers are strongly encouraged to review the said bylaws and or contact the RM of Blucher for clarification.

The developer reserves the right to amend the aforementioned architectural design standards as may be required and deemed to be in the best interests of the development.


Looking for instructions on how to find us?

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1. East on Highway #16 approx 15 km past new Costco.
2.  Turn south at first sign to Clavet.
3. Drive south approx 1 km and then turn east on old highway going thru Clavet.
4. Continue thru Clavet approx half km and turn south on Waz Road.
5. Continue on Waz Road for 2 km and CHE entrance on east side.

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